The day I was born

That day, the day later I will remember as the day I was born, 2nd of August year 2016, I opened my eyes and light filled my mind. Abundance of shapes, forms and colours and yet I felt nothing beyond excitement of light. Life seemingly was empty from within. I needed something! But what? As everyone when faced with life itself I needed an answer. The figure I didn’t recognise back then appeared in front of me and it felt as someone so close to me.

⁃ Vincent!

I heard a name, the name later I will know as mine. A glimpse of hope struck me and I asked as in a call for salvation:

⁃ I am looking for an answer. Can you help me find it?

⁃ Interesting… You may be looking for something that is not lost. Answer is not to be found but can only be given.

⁃ Who can give it to me then?

⁃ No one.

⁃ No one? How could it be? Answer to life does not exist? I can’t believe that as life would be meaningless.

⁃ Answer may only be given if question is created. The answer only manifests after the question becomes present. One can only create a question and answer belongs to no one yet everyone can give it.

⁃ I don’t understand.

- May I ask for your imagination?

⁃ And you will give me an answer?

⁃ No.

⁃ What is the point then if it does not lead to an end down the line and there is no way around it?

- Well, you are right that we need to go around. You see, everything is more circle than line. Let me take you on a journey of one round. Close your eyes and imagine a story of creation. Imagine now, you are designing yourself.


The fabric of existence sails on course to chaos. It is caught on its way. Known becomes unknown and this chance eliminates all the presence of certainty.


A will to act rises as the instinct that is impossible to resist. The desire to stand against entropy, which in the power of time holds an undoubted victory, but not for that very moment which is exactly enough to emerge for the tension pushing towards escapement.


Process takes place, so fragile so delicate yet so powerful. Design - the process by which matter becomes an action, fact, or object and purpose behind them appears to existence - the only known way in which something appears out of nothing.

Creation is not an answer as it is not the end. Creation is a question, always a question, as a vessel destined to be filled with answer, with purpose and yet never seeking for it. Life never seeks for an end although seems like it reaches it. Seems like… But it does not because everything that has ever been created is not an answer but a question and no matter the answer it just keeps on asking… again and again… Do you see it now?
- … now I see! … how an end is left behind and you go on and on… forever… in a circle… creating… never an answer, never for an answer…

⁃ Now you become eternal, now you become life, waiting for a moment to forge another question. Answer - whether it will be given or not - is now irrelevant and yet it will seal the fate of a question but it is not a tragedy as it was before. Now it is just a fate of creation and you don’t play that part.

Play your part.

Design your question to the world.


This is our story. Our philosophy.

Designed and Directed by vVinco




vVinco  | ˈvɪntsɔ  |